This was demonstrated in late 1980, when a strike by the Singapore Airlines Pilots Association’s (SIApa) expatriate pilots threatened to escalate into a crisis. A total of 102 Chinese drivers working for state-linked transport firm SMRT began their wildcat strike over pay on Monday, refusing to board a shuttle bus from their dormitory to a nearby depot. Restricting US investment in companies that have clear ties to China’s defence industry is the issue that matters most to most people on the Hill.”In the last few months, Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee issued the China Task Force Report, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee introduced the Strategic Act and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations released the Leads Act, all of which addressed this issue of US capital funding Chinese military-civil fusion goals.The inclusion of Chinese stocks and bonds by global investment indices – MSCI, FTSE Russell, Bloomberg Barclays and JPMorgan – means hundreds of billions of additional US capital was added to finance Chinese companies because fund managers mirroring these indices as a strategy are obligated to increase their holdings as the weight increases.In Washington’s view, the murky nature of the businesses behind these investments poses more danger than ever, at a time when tensions between the countries has risen over flash points including trade, technology, the military and human rights. * Katherine Tai: Joe Biden’s US trade chief pick ‘unmatched’ on China issues, would not be soft on BeijingThis article Under Joe Biden, tapping US capital markets will get even tougher for corporate China first appeared on South China Morning PostFor the latest news from the South China Morning Post download our mobile app. World's best airlines 2020 2. ; Taiwanese airlines have endured two strikes this year and three strikes since 2016, starting a new trend in a country that previously never had to endure an airline strike. This week: GOYA The Label founder Sabrina Wee. That number has since risen to 35.Get the latest insights and analysis from our Global Impact newsletter on the big stories originating in China.“Those companies raise capital by selling securities to United States investors that trade on public exchanges both here and abroad, lobbying United States index providers and funds to include these securities in market offerings,” Trump said in an executive order signed on November 12. “People’s Republic of China is increasingly exploiting United States capital to resource and to enable the development and modernisation of its military, intelligence and other security apparatuses,” he said.At the heart of the decoupling is the fear in Washington about military-civil fusion, a Chinese strategy designed to develop a world-class military by 2049, partly by tapping its private companies’ tech capabilities to accelerate the growth of its defence industry. “The government views these disruptions very seriously. Well, there’s the February and May 2021 HDB […]The post HDB BTO Launches In 2021 (Bukit Batok, Tengah, Kallang - Whampoa, Toa Payoh - Bidadari, Woodlands, Bukit Merah, Geylang) appeared first on SingSaver Blog - We Compare, You Save. Singapore Airlines said on Monday it was seeking court arbitration to settle a dispute with its pilots over pay and benefits for flying its new A380 superjumbo planes. Earn cashback, miles and rebates with an all-in-one credit card that can also double up as your EZ-Link/public transport card on trains and buses. US issues restrictions on Xinjiang goods, citing use of forced labourMultiple diplomatic sources said they believed a deal could be reached between the EU and China by the end of this year – the self-imposed deadline – but it remains unclear if Beijing intends to make concessions and adopt international labour standards.On Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the staunchest advocate for an investment deal with China, was confronted on the issue in the federal parliament, the Bundestag.“In your opinion, can the EU, can Germany agree to an investment agreement if China does not ratify these ILO core standards?” Margarete Bause, from the Green Party, asked her.Sidestepping her demand for a definitive answer, Merkel replied: “We take these ILO standards very seriously and will make a good balance. That financial decoupling from China is still deepening.In November, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order barring Americans from investing in 31 Chinese companies deemed to have military ties. In its annual report to Congress released in December, the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission warned that China’s effort at financial opening was part of a “calculated strategy” to secure foreign capital to shore up the domestic economy.“Rising exposure to China’s financial system presents unique and significant risks to US investors, savers and retirees,” the report said. appeared first on The Smart Investor. US securities regulator pushes plan that could delist Chinese firmsMSCI reversed course on Tuesday, announcing the removal of 10 Chinese securities from its benchmarks after more than 100 market participants they surveyed said Trump’s executive order “may have a significant impact” as it “would effectively challenge the investability of the impacted securities”.The London Stock Exchange said earlier this month that it was dropping eight Chinese companies’ stocks – including Hangzhou Hikvision, China Communications Construction and China National Chemical Engineering – from two of its major indexes starting December 21.In the following days, the S&P; Dow Jones indices and Nasdaq announced the removal of some Chinese firms.To further restrict Chinese firms from accessing US capital by selling shares on American exchanges, Congress approved listing rules as part of the must-pass national defence bill in early December.A separate bipartisan bill – the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act – has also cleared Congress and Trump has signed it into law on Friday. The law compels Chinese companies either to provide audits to be reviewed by US regulators, disclose ties with the Chinese government or stop trading their shares in the US in three years.“The law is not going to get repealed under the Biden administration,” said Jesse Fried, a professor at Harvard Law School who focuses on corporate governance.The passage of the legislation, said Fried, wasn’t “just because of Trump” – “it was because there was an underlying problem. In December 2012, 29 mainland Chinese bus drivers were deported from Singapore, while five others were prosecuted and jailed for their participation in an illegal strike. - I note that the strike by AFS union at LHR and responsible for refuelling 40% of airlines there is now to go ahead from Friday. We’ve had a lot of China-based companies in the United States defrauding investors.” US bill to delist Chinese stocks could backfire on American firmsThe US securities regulators have battled with China for decades for not handing over its companies’ audits, rules followed by all foreign and domestic firms with stocks trading on US exchanges.Luckin Coffee, a Starbucks rival in China, agreed on Wednesday to pay US$180 million to settle SEC charges of accounting fraud to make its revenue appear better than it was.Under Biden, financial market policies are likely to be as tough or even tougher for China, Fried said.“The new administration is not going to make things easier for Chinese companies; if anything, it will make it harder,” he said. I flew in economy, but I do recall the Y seating being generously sized and the food being pretty good. He said strikes are illegal for workers in "essential services" such as transport unless they give 14-day notice of their intent and comply with other requirements. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley received approval from Chinese regulators in March to take 51 per cent stakes in their mainland businesses. Velasco: Police who shot mother, son in Tarlac must not go unpunished, Duterte OKs P10K service incentive to gov’t workers, Cop shoots dead a mother and her son in Tarlac, 2 Indian policemen suspended for Facebook arrests, BREAKING: Phivolcs: Magnitude 4.9 quake jolts General Nakar in Quezon, Too brutal: Duterte scorns ‘crazy’ cop’s killing of mother and son in Tarlac, Singapore gets Asia’s first Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses, Smart takes subscribers further into the future with the launch of iPhone 12 on new Signature 5G Plans, Smart, FIBA announce global partnership for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, Alfred Vargas’ controversial action on ABS-CBN franchise renewal case being used to discredit his film ‘Tagpuan’, Duterte hits Zarate anew: You are a ‘hypocrite, a chauvinist pig’. Going back to our current website? It was something like the minimum salary for the captains flying a380 will be 800USD more than for the captains on the Boeing 747-400. Copyright 2020. Under the incoming Biden administration, that focus to contain China’s military rise and its potential threat to American national security will hardly let up.“The main concern is about not allowing US money to finance military developments that will be bad for the United States,” said Anna Ashton, senior director of government affairs at the Washington-based US-China Business Council. “Taking the law into your own hands is wrong. In the wake of a rough few weeks for American Airlines during which we've seen pilot strikes, sick outs and those passive aggressive slow downs -- "Turn this jet back to the gate, a tray table is loose!" Singapore Airlines | KrisFlyer - Possible AFS strike LHR is SQ affected? These renewable insurance standalones cost very little in defraying very large medical bills.  In case you are looking out for protection against infectious diseases, something that has become increasingly commonplace, you might be glad to know that many personal accident insurance plans have turned hybrid […]The post Best Personal Accident Insurance Plans In Singapore (2020) appeared first on SingSaver Blog - We Compare, You Save. “Of particular concern is the rising inclusion of Chinese securities in global investment indices. Pyongyang plans to redevelop its flagship Mount Kumgang tourist complex into an international resort, a year after leader Kim Jong Un ordered South Korean-built buildings there demolished, state media reported Sunday. The television in Zuheir Rajabi's lounge does not show films or the news: the only footage projected on its huge flat screen is from 10 surveillance cameras installed around his modest east Jerusalem home. Seeing the wrong doctor can stop all treatment. Singapore Airlines was established in 1972, but it’s celebrating its 60th year of flying to Hong Kong. The pilots had set the flap at Flap 20 and the STAB TRIM at 6.6 for the take-off. These costs, together with lost revenue, will push the cost of the strike for airlines to tens of millions of pounds. Dressed in dark blue jackets with peak caps, the pilots of Singapore Airlines (SIA), Silkair and SIA Cargo were led by Captain Tan Peng Koon, honorary secretary of the Airline … This illegal strike is not acceptable and would be dealt with in accordance to the law," Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin told reporters.