Probate Court Form The will must be filed with the clerk of the appropriate court in the county where the deceased person lived, along with a petition to have the court approve the will and appoint the executor named in the will. Yu will need to find a notary public before you sign the form. Temporary Notarization Forms. A.Petition for Probate and Grant of Letters Testamentary Petitioner(s) aver(s) he/she/they is/are the Executor(s) named in the last Will of the Decedent, dated and Codicil(s) thereto dated State relevant circumstances (e.g. Before you can file your petition for probate … Narrow your search by entering a keyword, General Statute, form number, form title, etc. Includes the checklist of forms that are required or may be needed (MPC 972) Open PDF file, 52.61 KB, for List of Newspapers for Informal Publication (PDF 52.61 KB) NOTE: Forms 16.0, 17.0, 21.0, and 21.2 were translated as part of the Supreme Court of Ohio Interpreter Services Program Forms Translation Project.Learn more about the Forms Translation Project.. Decedent's Estate (Forms 1.0 - 13.10) Wrongful Death (Forms 14.0 - … ***** Please note that this guide is meant merely as a tool to assist your research, and the library may not fill out forms for you or offer other legal advice. Probate Forms. *****Note that recent changes in probate law make some forms obsolete. Probate is a general term for the entire process of administration of estates of deceased persons, including those without wills, with court supervision. Probate / Decedent's Estates Form Packet: List of forms regarding Probate Decendent’s Estate that you may need. Number Description Effective GPCSF 1 General Instructions 7/16 GPCSF 2 Petition for Temporary Letters of Administration 7/17 GPCSF Estate Information Sheet: Informal Caveat – No Letters: Oath of Non-Subscribing Witness : Oath of Subscribing Witness: Oath of Witness to Will Executed by Another Forms 15240; Find a Court 8792; NM Courts 7452; New Mexico Courts - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information 6659; Careers 8044; Contact Us 3992; e-Filing for Attorneys 6740; Public Access Help 3062; Expungement Forms 2609; News 2682 The court requires that the form to petition for probate be notarized. This form packet can be purchased at: - The Stanley Mosk Courthouse (Central District) Forms window in Room 112 - Most other Forms windows in Superior Courthouses Detailed instruction for completing petition to be filed in Probate and Family Court (2/1/17). Step 4 – Pay the Fee. renunciation, death of executor, etc.) Search statewide judicial forms. You will also need to pay the notary public a small fee for their role in this process. Marion County Local Probate Rules 401.1. Check with your county court for updated forms. Petition to Appoint Personal Representative Form 401.1-A Application for Appointment of Personal Representative Form 401.1-B Application for Appointment of Guardian Form 401.2 Affidavit Regarding Original Will Offered for Probate Electronically Form 4401.3 Proof of Lost Will and Affidavit Form 402.2.