Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory

Issue IV, December 1998


1 Introduction: The Editors
2 Guide to Deep Classification

The Yeniseian Language

4 The Kets and Their Language: Edward J. Vajda

17 Reconstructing Proto-Yeniseian: Heinrich Werner

27 Some Yeniseian Isoglosses: John D. Bengtson

The Ainu Language

33 The External Relations of Ainu: Problems and Prospects: Paul Sidwell

40 Some Morphological Parallels between Ainu and Austronesian: Yoshizo Itabashi

96 The Contact and Genetic Relationships of Ainu: Peter Norquest

111 Review of Patrie 1982: John D. Bengtson

114 Epilog: Why Do the Ainu Look 'Caucasoid'? John D. Bengtson

Apophony in Linguistic Prehistory

116 Apophony in Proto-Edoid: Roger W. Wescott

126 Consonantal Apophony in Indo-European Animal Names: Roger W. Wescott

138 Consonantal Ablaut (apophony) in Proto-Human: John D. Bengtson

Book Reviews

141 The Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Peoples of Eastern Central Asia, edited by Victor  H. Mair
 Reviewed by Daniel F. McCall

147 Indo-European, Nostratic, and Beyond: Festschrift for Vitalij V. Shevoroshkin, edited by  Iren Hegedus, Peter A. Michalove, and Alexis Manaster Ramer
 Reviewed by Roger W. Wescott

151 A Comparative Vocabulary of Five Sino-Tibetan Languages, by Ilia Peiros and Sergei A.  Starostin
 Remarks by Paul K. Benedict


153 Corrections and Clarifications: The Editors