Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory

Issue III, December 1997


1 Talcott Parsons Prize

3 Special Topic I: Nihali and Kusunda

4 External Relations of Nihali and Kusunda: Paul Whitehouse

45 Nihali Phonemes: Roger Williams Wescott

47 Some Comments on Ilia Perrosí 'Nihali and Austroasiatic': John D. Bengtson

51 Call It Methodology: Harold C. Fleming

53 Special Topic II: Sumerian

54 External Connections of the Sumerian Language: Igor M. Diakonoff

63 The Riddle of Sumerian: A Dene-Caucasic Language?  John D. Bengtson

75 On the Origin of Sumerian: Allan R. Bomhard

93 Miscellanea

93 Recommendations for Long Rangers: Paul K. Benedict

95 An Editorial for Mother Tongue III: Roger Williams Wescott

99 Long Ranger Extraordinaire--Sergei A. Starostin: John D. Bengtson

103 Some Recent Publications of Interest to Long Rangers: John D. Bengtson

108 Hardware Symposium: Discussing the Origin of Language

109 Stephen L. Zegura: Review of Philip Lieberman's EVE SPOKE

113 Philip Lieberman: The Fossil Record, Tools, and Language

114 Philip Lieberman: The Chomskian Position: A Critique

118 Philip Lieberman: The planum temporale doesn't have any apparent role in language

119 Merlin Donald: Language Evolution and Evolutionary Continuity

123 W. Tecumseh Fitch: Innate Mechanisms and the Evolution of Language

135 Terrence Deacon: Recent Compass Points in the Evolution of Language Debate

145 Book Review Articles

145 Ken Hale: On Campbell's AMERICAN INDIAN LANGUAGES...

159 Vaclav Blazhek: On Ruhlen's GUIDE...

184 Sergei A. Starostin: On Chirikba's COMMON WEST CAUCASIAN...