Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory

Issue II, December 1996


1 Introduction: John D. Bengtson

The Nihali Language

2 Special Topic: The Nihali Language

5 Who Are the Nihals? What Do They Speak?  Asha Mundlay

11 Cognates in the Nihali Lexicon: Asha Mundlay

17 Nihali Lexicon: Asha Mundlay

41 Nihali Lexicon Supplement I: Words Collected by Bhattacharya and Konow

45 Nihali Lexicon Supplement II: Nihali Numerals

46 Nihali Lexicon Supplement III: Dental and Retroflex Variants

The Nihali Language: Discussants

49 Much Ado About Nothing: Paul K. Benedict

51 Nihali and Ainu: John D. Bengtson

57 Seeking and Relatives of Nihali: Vaclav Blazek

61 Nihali and Nostratic: Aaron B. Dolgopolsky

67 Looking to the West and North: Nihali and Kusunda Find Links: Harold C. Fleming

75 Nihali and Austroasiatic: Ilia Peiros

91 Some Remarks on John Bengtsonís Comparison of Ainu and Nihali: Alexander Vovin

93 On Nihali: Norman Zide

Debate and Discussion: Basque and Dene-Caucasic

101 Comments on the Basque-Dene-Caucasian Comparisons: Sergei A. Starostin

111 Response to Starostin: R. L. Trask

119 Response to Trask: Sergei A. Starostin

125 Second Response to Starostin: R. L. Trask

131 Response of Larry Trask to Merritt Ruhlen

137 Letter from Merritt Ruhlen to Larry Trask


141 Editorial: Comments on Sergei Nikolaevís Letter to Harold C. Fleming (2 September  1995 in Mother Tongue Newsletter 26: 19-22): John D. Bengtson

145 The Genesis of Multilaterial Comparision: Joseph H. Greenberg

149 References for Mother Tongue II