Journal of the Association for the Study of Language in Prehistory

Issue 1, December 1995


1 Introduction


3 Basque and Dene-Caucasian: A Critique from the Basque Side:  R. L. Trask
Discussants: Paul K. Benedict, John D. Bengtson, Vaclav Blazek, Eric de Grolier, Jose  Ignacio Hualde, William H. Jacobsen, Jr., Edwin G. Pulleyblank, Merritt Ruhlen, Vitalij  Shevoroshkin, Etienne Tiffou, Roger W. Wescott, Xabier Zabaltza
Response: R. L. Trask

202 Canaanite Vocabulary in Bengali and in Some Other IE Dialects of India: Liny  Srinivasan and Cyrus Gordon

207 The Concept of Proof in Genetic Linguistics: Joseph H. Greenberg

Book Reviews

217 The Emergence of Homo Sapiens and His Languages in Tropical Asia by Wilfried W.  Schuhmacher, Juan R. Francisco, and F. Seto
 Reviewed by Robert Blust

219 Indo-European and the Nostratic Hypothesis by Allan R. Bomhard
 Reviewed by Igor M. Diakonoff

223 The Great Human Diasporas: The History of Diversity and Evolution by Luigi Luca  Cavalli-Sforza and Francesco Cavalli-Sforza
 Reviewed by Daniel McCall


229 I. Surveying the Damage

233 II. Afrasian Gets Better, Better, and Deeper

Debate and Discussion

235 More on the Austric Hypothesis and Austronesianís Inclusion: La Vaughn H. Hayes