In Honor of  Joseph H. Greenberg








Table:  Taxonomic Proposals by Joseph H. Greenberg


Studies in Linguistic Classification


1          Shabo: A new African Phylum or a Special Relic of Old Nilo-Saharan??:    Harold C. Fleming


39        Ongota Lexicon: English-Ongota:    Harold C. Fleming


65        The Origin of the Tasmanian Languages:    Timothy Usher


85        Reflections  on Greenberg's Indo-European and its closest Relatives:   Allan A . Bomhard


115      Basque Parallels to Greenberg's Grammatical Evidence for Eurasiatic:    Ronald W Thornton


Focus on Southwestern Asia


123      Elam: a Bridge between the Ancient Near East and Dravidian India?:   Vaclav Blazek


145      Map: Near East  (3000-2500 BC): The Distribution of Known Languages:     Vaclav Blazek


146      Figure:  Elamite Royal  Inscriptions in the Linear Script B: Vaclav Blazek


147      On the Genetic Relation of the Elamite Language:   George Starostin

171      Some New Dravidian- Afroasiatic Parallels:   Vaclav Blazek


199      Two Words:  Two worlds:     Panchanan Mohanty



 In Search of  Mother Tongue


209      Tracing of the Ancestral Kinship System: The Global Etymon KAKA: Part I:  A linguistic study:    Pierre J.  Bancel & Alain Matthey de l'Etang


245        Tracing of the Ancestral Kinship System: The Global Etymon KAKA:  Part II:  An anthropological study:     Alain Matthey de l'Etang & Pierre J.  Bancel


259      Was the First Language Purposefully Invented?   John M. Saul



Islands unto Themselves: the Andamans


265      The Numeral System of Jarawa Andamanese:   Michael Witzel