Mother Tongue 26

THE HOTTEST AND THE LATEST NEWS. While the very hottest, most recent, news is often fairly old for some scholars close to the action, particularly in biogenetics, for colleagues in other disciplines the news may be absolutely fresh and exciting. Indeed for others the news ordinarily never would have reached them, working in the depths of another field. The hottest, latest news is not necessarily the most important news -- in the wisdom of hindsight it may even be irrelevant to our common enterprise. But, since the items are new, they have within them the potential of establishing something or disestablishing something else. Our traditional mode of presentation features fossils first or at least archeological developments.

SOMEWHAT COOLER NEWS. With some guilt we include portions of last year's hot news, chosen for their newsworthy qualities for scholars not likely to have heard it. Again we remind you that cool news may turn out to be of unrealized importance. With great gratitude to Alvah 'Pardner' Hicks: we are not able to publish large parts of his heroic efforts in 1995 to abstract the key developments in biogenetics and archeology for us.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & ADVERTISEMENTS, IN SUPPORT OF COLLEAGUES. Reference will be made to Alvah Hicks summaries from time to time, labeled (AMH). Given the volume of research being done in archeology and biogenetics relevant to our common enterprise, we must be quite selective in what we report. Of course, that may expose us to the charge of being biased. We accept that charge because we are pragmatic; we try to report on positive developments but also negative arguments of substance directed against some hypothesis. Still we do not think that most of the quibbling and niggling and doubting -- sans doute, many scholars do nothing more than that -- has much to do with proper falsification of hypotheses. So we report very little of said bickering. That means we have to ignore 90% of linguistic work.

The Hottest & Latest News
Maginot Line Punctured in Amazon
Rising Tide Theory Fails Tests
Sino-Tibetan --> Tibeto-Burman
First Dogs, Now Cows, What Next?
Reincarnation at Ishango
Africa's Very Dry Spells
Finnish Roots Differ from Lapps?
USA Marches into La La Land
Victor Mair'S Superb Conference

Somewhat Cooler News
South Amerinds and Oceanians
Polynesian MTDNA Lineage Cluster
More Polynesian Ties Westward
Maybe Not out of Africa?
The Parameters of Caucasoids
New Primate from China
New Australopithecus from Chad
The Emerging Synthesis: We Erred
Furious Talk on the Internet